Bear Grizzly 852 Skateboard Trucks Review

Bear Grizzly 852 has been designed to concentrate on durability, adaptability, and low weight. They’re built to provide a sturdy and extremely comfortable ride, with a one-time quick response, extremely light design, and, most significantly, unbeatable levels of strength and control. 

They even come with quick skating bearings and some of the greatest riser pads to help you perform even better. These skate trucks are some of the best for newcomers since they have a reverse kingpin design that provides them an edge when sliding or taking a cut.


The hanger width is 7 inches, and the axel is slightly under 10 inches for the finest rides on any terrain. These trucks are also made of high-quality materials, giving you a longer-lasting advantage that allows you to achieve the highest levels of performance.

To enjoy one of the best freestyle longboarding through the streets, simply flip the hanger to eliminate bumps or put it on the standard setup. The Gen 5 852 is one of Bear Grizzly’s finest products, offering incredible performance at an affordable price. Let’s take a brief look at the Bear Grizzly truck’s review’s features.

Bear Grizzly 852 Skateboard Trucks Review

Bear Grizzly 852 Skateboard Trucks Review

The Bear Grizzly 852 has been designed to concentrate on durability, adaptability, and low weight. They’re built to provide a sturdy and extremely comfortable ride, with a one-time quick response, extremely light design, and, most significantly, unbeatable levels of strength and control.

They even come with quick skating bearings and some of the greatest riser pads to help you perform even better. These skate trucks are some of the best for newcomers since they have a reverse kingpin design that provides them an edge when sliding or taking a cut.

Features of the Product

Here are some of the exciting features.

Design and material:

The Bear Grizzly Gen 5 is a versatile truck that can handle a variety of riding styles and terrain. The makers have done an incredible job of reducing weight so that the riders can handle the board with ease. It just weighs 2 pounds, so it won’t add any additional weight to the board.

These trucks are composed of incredibly robust materials that can help you flourish no matter what type of riding you do. It’s available in eight brilliant colour options, so you’re sure to find one that suits your own taste and preferences.


A truck’s baseplate is the flat surface that links it to the skateboard deck. The base plate is attached to the deck via four to six holes, allowing the truck to uniformly distribute pressure across the deck.

Because Bear Grizzly has worked to lower the weight of the trucks while keeping it looking solid enough, the shape of the Gen 5 baseplate is considerably different from the standard trucks. During flips or jumps, the large rear baseplate helps to endure hard hits.


The axle is a pin that runs through the hanger and connects the wheel to the hanger. The 181mm length of these trucks helps in providing a smooth and perfect riding experience for skaters of all skill levels. These axles are fantastic for downhill, cutting, and freestyle riding.

Previous Bear trucks’ axles were criticized by several users as being of poor quality. Bear Grizzly has updated its Gen 5 this time, and they have ensured top-notch quality. 

They are, however, only a phone call away if you have any troubles or flaws with the axles. Customers are first at Bear Grizzly; therefore, you may always request a refund or replacement.


The soft urethane rings that are installed around the kingpin on a truck are the bushings that allow the board to pivot and maneuver smoothly. The urethane bushing on the Bear Grizzly Gen 5 provides a better response in all situations.

The trucks give exceptional stability even after being extremely reactive, as the bushing seats are deeper than the normal cast truck on the market.


The kingpin is a big bolt that fits into the bushing and connects all of the truck’s parts. Hollow kingpins are highly popular these days because they are lightweight and have a long lifespan.

More pressure can be absorbed by kingpins with tighter pressure settings. The Bear Gen 5 kingpins are pushed together extremely tightly, resulting in excellent tolerance.

  • It’s a rock-solid, extra-smooth ride.
  • A rapid reaction on a one-time basis.
  • The design is quite light.
  • Strength levels that are unbeatable.
  • Skating bearings that are quick.
  • The best riser pads are available.
  • The breadth of the hanger is 7 inches.
  • For an incredible sense of style, customize the logo.
  • There is no fastening bolt included.
  • Some claim that the bushings come loose.

Why I like it?

I strongly suggest it because if you’re a guy who likes to ride in elegance, these skateboard trucks are the finest option because they come with a unique logo for an incredible sense of style. Simply stated, this is a fantastic downhill truck that is really solid when sliding.

Buyer Guide

  •  Skateboard trucks size:

A skateboard truck does not have a defined size. They are available in a variety of sizes. Before purchasing, check the specifications properly and please be aware that the truck's width must match the width of our board. The details about the skateboard trucks are listed in the product descriptions, so read them carefully.

  •  Skateboard trucks width:

You must match the width of the skateboard deck to the axle width of the trucks. Don't make the mistake of picking trucks that are exactly the same. However, if you can stand on skateboard wheels and on the side of the board, the width is unlikely to make a significant impact. It should never, however, be broader than the deck, since this will limit responsiveness and induce wheel bite.

  • Trucks height:

The distance between the wheel and the deck determines the truck height. It's the distance between the truck's baseplate and hanger. Personal choice is important, but the basic rule is that the closer you are to the ground, the more balanced you are.

  • Types of trucks:

There are three types of trucks: high, medium, and low, but most brands only sell high and low trucks. Different brands stand at different heights. Some manufacturers' high tucks are the same as other companies' low trucks. As a result, height isn't anything you should be concerned about.

If you need to travel around or want to ride a little hill or troughs, go for the high-rise skateboard trucks. When skating on the street and merely doing technical tricks, though, choose the low trucks.

Low trucks require wheels that are 50 to 53 millimeters in diameter, whereas medium trucks can use wheels that are 53 to 56 millimeters in diameter and up to 60 millimeters in diameter. 

The height of the riser cushions can be adjusted to fit larger wheels. When compared to lower trucks, higher trucks may not provide as much bang.

  • Baseplate:

Furthermore, consider the baseplate and standard kingpin, which are the most critical factors to consider. This is the truck's horizontal section that connects to the deck. The truck is connected to the deck using a standard Kingpin in the case of regular kingpin trucks.

The baseplate has either four or six mounting holes, depending on the deck. Kingpins are easy to replace in the event of a fault. Check the angle of the baseplate as well.

  • Hanger

The hanger, which is a T-shaped aluminum section of the truck that is joined to the deck and is smooth and incredibly sturdy, is another key part of the truck.

It should also be lighter, weighing no more than 10 to 13 ounces. In addition, the hanger should be at least a quarter of the deck's size.

  • Bushing seat

You should also be cautious about the bushings on your truck. Bushings give cushioning assistance to the truck's other components. A vehicle usually has two bushings. A hard bushing is required if you wish to execute tricks with your board.

Softer bushings, on the other hand, are required if you want your skateboard to be more flexible when turning.

  • Risers:

Last but not least, look into truck risers, which are small, rectangular pieces of thick rubber that can be put to a skateboard to either raise or lower the height or vibration. Likewise, risers are affixed based on the truck's size; heavier trucks do not require risers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Are riser pads required?
Riser pads, on the other hand, will quickly absorb shock from the deck, preventing your deck from splitting. But if you’re utilizing a drop-through deck, where riser pads won’t make much of a difference, riser pads also help to prevent wheel bites.
What bushings are compatible with Bear pickup trucks?
Short Street Series Bushings on the board side and normal height Longboard Bushings on the roadside are recommended.
Do you need speed rings?
Speed Rings are an often-overlooked component of your skateboard, but their absence could put your performance at risk. Speed rings are installed on the outside of your bearings to provide additional space, allowing for a smooth roll with no interruptions.
Is it better to have loose or tight trucks?
Tight trucks are better for the angles, and if you have one, a board with tight trucks will help you get back faster than you think. Loose trucks, on the other hand, will make it easy to line up on an obstacle.
Is skating a good kind of exercise?
Skateboarding is a perfect exercise in and of itself, according to sports scientists. It not only strengthens the cardiovascular system but also the muscles. Because the activity necessitates movement on rough ground, the core offers the power to maintain and balance the body.
What is the best way to tell if a skateboard is good?
A good skateboard deck will be lightweight while being sturdy and delivering “pop” – the proper balance of mobility and hardness that enables the board to move during ollies and other stunts that need the deck to be “popped” off the ground.
For my height, what size skateboard should I get?
When it comes to skateboarding, a difference of less than an inch in width can make all the difference. Here’s a list of heights and skateboard sizes to think about: 4ft 6in and under: The board size ranges from 7.25″ to 7.75″. 7.75″ to 8.00″ board size for 4ft 6 into 5ft 6in.
How much do the trucks weigh?
The Bear Gen 5 trucks are incredibly light, weighing just over a pound each.
Is the length of a skateboard important?
Pick your skateboard deck based on its breadth rather than its length. Larger skateboarders, as well as those that skate ramps and steep ramps, should have a wider deck, whereas street skaters should use a smaller deck.
What is the optimal skateboard length for a beginner?
To begin, a deck width of 7.75″ or 8.0″ is recommended. Most full-sized complete skateboards are available in widths of 7.75″ or 8.0″; this is the best size, to begin with; as your experience improves, you’ll know when you need a bigger board.
Is the vehicle available as a pair or as a single unit?
These trucks are sold as a set of two.
Is it possible to use these trucks with longboards?
Yes, these trucks are intended for use with longboards.

Bear Grizzly Trucks are one of the greatest skateboard truck manufacturers on the market, and they will suit all of your needs. Although there are several longboard trucks on the market, the Gen 5 stands out. 

They have a lot of turning capability, which provides you more control whether riding or chopping. The bushings are the ideal strength, and while they may be a little extra for newbies, these are the trucks you need beneath your board.

Give the Bear Grizzly Gen 5 a try if you’re seeking amazing trucks at a cheap price. We guarantee they won’t let you down.

Enjoy your ride!

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