Best Jetson Hoverboards to buy in 2022

Children and teenagers are all crazy about hoverboards. This is why, parents need to know about the best Jetson hoverboards from Amazon, and they need to read a guide on how to choose the best hoverboard.

Choosing the best hoverboard is not just about buying the cheapest and the most colorful one; there are several factors that should be taken into account. If you want to make an informed decision, then read this article further.

Best Jetson Hoverboards – Buying for the First Time

If someone is buying a hoverboard for the first time, then they need to know how different is hoverboard is from other modes of transportation:


The hoverboard is eco-friendly because it is not polluting the air in any way. The person who rides the hoverboard doesn’t have to fill it with petrol or diesel.


A hoverboard is cost-effective and very cheap compared to public transportation. The cost of maintenance of a hoverboard is also low because all the user has to do, is look after the hoverboard in a proper way and keep it clean.


A hoverboard is very portable, and some of them are lightweight as well. One does not need a parking space to park their hoverboard, wherever they go. If they buy one of the best Jetson hoverboards, then they can really enjoy portability. You can simply fit it in a bag!

When you are researching Jetson hoverboards, then you need to keep some parameters in mind.


When teenagers or children get a hoverboard, then they are more likely to become reckless. This is because they finally get something all their friends have or don’t have, and they want to feel free. Due to this point, it is best if parents look for a hoverboard, which has a UL certificate. UL certificate is an American standard, which determines whether an electric scooter is of top quality or not.

Best Jetson Hoverboards to buy in 2021

The reason why initially hoverboards caught fire was that they didn’t have the UL certificate. They used cheap quality materials in the manufacturing process and didn’t pass any testing process.


This is one thing that anyone who owns one of the best Jetson hoverboards craves. If the speed of the hoverboard isn’t any good, then the user will get bored pretty soon. There are hoverboards that range from 6-15 mph. However, the ones less than 10 mph are not that great. There are many Jetson hoverboards that have speeds greater than 10 mph and are perfect as a gift for teenagers.

However, the speed range a person would want depends on where they are going to ride the hoverboard. If someone needs a hoverboard for indoor use, then they should get 6 mph, as it would be safer.


One of the most important things that people consider, when they are buying a hoverboard is its price. Even when they are buying the best Jetson hoverboards from Amazon, they need to see that the price is in their range. The price of a good hoverboard can go as high as $1000, but there are cheaper options as well, like $300 for a hoverboard.

 Additional Features 

Some of the additional features which matter to buyers are Bluetooth and LED. When a hoverboard comes with the Bluetooth feature, then it allows the user to play music using their hoverboard. This is a very exciting feature for music lovers, but such a feature will obviously increase the price of the product as well.

The second feature is LED lights. It has now become a trend, where manufactures install LED lights on the rear and in the front. These lights are of different colors, and help a person move around during nighttime or evening.

 Weight of the Hoverboard 

One of the features that make a hoverboard, the best Jetson Hoverboard, is its weight. If the weight is less, then it will be easy to carry the hoverboard around. Moreover, another thing that matters is how much weight a hoverboard can bear. Brands try to set the maximum weight capacity of a hoverboard to 220 pounds, but a person should always buy one that is best for their own weight.

Following are the two best Jetson Hoverboards, from which customers can choose the one that suits their requirements the most.


1 Jetson Electric Bikes V6 Hoverboard

This product is made in the USA, or it is imported. It comes with dual hub motors, and 700 watts of electric power. The mph of this hoverboard is 10.

Jetson Electric Bikes V6 Hoverboard

The best part of this hoverboard, apart from its appearance, is that it comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers. Wherever the user goes, he can blast his favorite music and enjoy riding the hoverboard. There are LED lights, which sync with the music beat, adding more effect to the music.

The lithium battery installed in the hoverboard is long-lasting, and a single charge of the hoverboard keeps it going for long too. When a user charges their hoverboard for the first time, then they can easily ride 15 miles on it.

 Stunning Features 

There are some amazing extra features of this hoverboard. It comes with a free app and lets the user choose three different types of rides. They can set the track travel time and distance. If they are riding the best Jetson hoverboards with their friends, then they can share their activity as well.

The appearance of the hoverboard is really cool. It comes in blue color and has two large wheels. The pads, where the user places his feet, have arrows going in the opposite direction as their design, and would surely give the customers a very cool feeling.

Another great feature of the hoverboard is its active balance technology. This technology regulates the balance of the hoverboard so that the user remains stable. There is a bar, which makes it possible for the left and right foot pads to effectively communicate with each other. With an active balance technology, the user is able to focus more on having fun, as this technology will keep him safe and sound. The price of this product is $389.99.


The product dimensions are 9×24.5×8 inches. The battery installed in the hoverboard is 1 Lithium-ion battery. The max weight that it can carry is 300lbs. The max speed of the hoverboard is 10 mph, and the max range is 15 miles. The motor of the hoverboard is a 700W Dual Hub. The LED lights are in the front. It is compatible with the Ride Jetson App.

  • Advertisement of the hoverboard isn’t deceptive
  • Rubber tires are solid and durable
  • This hoverboard is perfect for outdoor and indoor activities
  • The quality is worth the price the customer has to pay
  • LED lights and Bluetooth works well
  • Some user feel that the weight limit is too less

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2 Jetson Nitro Hoverboard

The wheels of this hoverboard light up, when you ride it. The wheels are appropriate for all-terrain, and they shine no matter where you are. With this hoverboard, the sky is the limit! This is one of the best Jetson hoverboards from Amazon because they come with the Ride Jetson Companion app. This app allows the user to play music on the Bluetooth speakers, which are installed on the hoverboard.

Jetson Electric Bikes V6 Hoverboard

The customized lights in the hoverboard, shine on the pulse of the music’s beat. There are some additional exciting features on this app, which the user can download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  • Play their music
  • Customize the LED lights, like changing their color and synchronizing it according to the music
  • Keeping an eye on the battery life of the Jetson hoverboard, as well as mapping the ride
  • Tracking the activity of the user, like the distance of the ride and its speed
  • Challenging friends
  • Challenging yourself by setting daily goals

This app gives the user power to control their hoverboard, making it one of the best Jetson hoverboards.

The hoverboard has an active balance technology, which keeps the user safer when they are riding the hoverboard. The left and the right bar communicate with each other so that the user can just focus on having fun. Most of the time, when people use a hoverboard for the first time, they become scared that they are going to fall right off. However, with this advanced piece of technology installed in the best Jetson hoverboard, the user is less likely to fall.


The product dimension of this hoverboard is 24×7.5×6.5 inches. It comes with 1 Lithium-ion battery, which is required to make the hoverboard work. The price of this hoverboard is $249.99. The hub motor of the hoverboard is a 400 watt, dual hub motor.

The maximum weight capacity of Jetson nitro is 220 lbs. The max speed that you can enjoy is 10 mph. The battery life of the best Jetson hoverboard, after a single charge, extends to 6 miles. It comes with wireless Bluetooth technology and is appropriate for users 13 years old and older. The manufacturer offers the customer a 90-day warranty.

  • This is a truly fun thing to get
  • Gives the user a really good balance
  • The footpads give users generous space to put their feet on
  • The material used in the manufacturing of the Jetson hoverboard is really good
  • A good product for children who know how to balance, and love hoverboards
  • The packaging of the product wasn’t so good
  • A few customers felt fatigued when they rode this
  • Is not suitable for all-terrain
  • There is no way to turn the lights off on the side, which wastes the battery of the hoverboard
  • It is not easy to stop the hoverboard, because sometimes it doesn’t understand the command of the user
  • The battery life is short

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Even though this is one of the best Jetson hoverboards from Amazon, some people are not satisfied with it. The customers feel that this hoverboard is good for having fun, but it can’t be used as a means to get from point a to point b. This is mainly, because, it doesn’t have good battery life. However, those who like this hoverboard, are not only impressed with its quality but also its functionality.

 Hoverboard safety tips 

Whether you buy the best Jetson hoverboard from Amazon, or somewhere else, it is important to know about hoverboard safety tips. There are several things that teenagers and children need to avoid when they are riding a hoverboard.


If a hoverboard is not used at an appropriate speed, and while practicing caution, then it can cause injuries. Most of the time around holidays, when children get their hoverboard as gifts, there are mostly patients with sprained ankles and broken bones in the hospital. This is because, in all their excitement, children forget to look where they are going. If they are not careful enough, then they can also suffer from head injuries.

 Public Safety 

It is not just a personal thing to look where you are going while riding a hoverboard. Teenagers and children should always take into account public safety. Having fun on their hoverboard is always a person’s right, but injuring someone because they were having too much fun, is negligence.

Moreover, when a person buys a poor quality hoverboard, they are not only endangering their own life but endangering the life of other people as well. Such low-quality hoverboards are more likely to catch fire and cause harm to the people and things around them.

 Keep in Mind 

This is why, it is important to find quality brands in the market, like Jetson hoverboards. This way, not only will a hoverboard last longer, but it will also be durable and not a risk to public safety. When considering public safety, buyers should get a hoverboard that has self-balancing technology. This way, the right, and left pad would be able to keep the rider, balanced when he is having fun.

The reason why many universities and colleges have banned hoverboards from their campuses is that they are more likely to catch fire. Hoverboards catching fire also depends on their storage options. If they are kept in a heated place, then the battery is more likely to catch fire.

 Knowing the Risks 

Everyone wants to ride a hoverboard because they are fun. However, when it comes to learning about the risks associated with hoverboards, and how Jetson hoverboards are the best, not many people are interested. Firstly, when riding a hoverboard, the rider should always adopt an appropriate speed. They shouldn’t be too fast, or else they won’t be able to stop in time if someone is coming from the front.

Secondly, the rider should know everything about his hoverboard. Most hoverboards cannot function in an area, where there is debris or the terrain is difficult to walk on. Thirdly, when a rider decides to ride in an area, he should know about the roads and the sidewalks of that area. It would be wrong if he is going at a fast speed, and a car has to push on its brakes to avoid an accident. More importantly, it would be wrong to take up the space of pedestrians and ride a hoverboard where they are supposed to walk.

 Appropriate Place 

There are plenty of empty fun places, where a customer can ride his hoverboard. These empty places are designed for such activities, and there are fewer chances of a rider bumping into another rider, or injuring someone.

When a rider goes to such an appropriate place, it will be good if they wear protective gear. Most teenagers and children want to appear cool and fearless, which is why they don’t wear knee caps or protective elbow caps. They should wear a helmet, if they are riding a hoverboard for the first time, and don’t know how to. This way, even if they fall while riding a hoverboard, they won’t fall flat on their face and injure their heads.

One thing that most buyers can’t wrap their heads around, is why do they need Jetson hoverboards in the first place? What good do they do for them? What purpose do they serve? Well, it is a perfect way to have fun, and there is much more you can get from buying the best Jetson hoverboards from Amazon.


When you buy a hoverboard, you are choosing an easy way to walk down the road and that too, in style. However, before you are able to achieve this advantage, you need to make sure that you properly practice riding a hoverboard. You need to lean forward or lean backward to change positions, and with the right body movements, riding a hoverboard would be a piece of cake.

Hoverboards are easily accessible; you can buy them from any electronic or toy shop. Moreover, when you are worried about not knowing what to buy for your child, you can get a hoverboard! They come in all shapes, sizes, and prices, which makes it easier for you to choose the one that fits your budget and looks cool at the same time.

These hoverboards are small in size, and they are very portable. As they are lightweight, you can easily carry them around and have a contest with your friends. Most of the hoverboards are about 20 to 25 pounds, which is pretty easy to carry. As they are small in size, you can carry them in your hand, or in your bag.

Consider how this product can save costs for you. When you buy a hoverboard, you don’t need to pay the bus fare or go to the subway. In fact, you don’t even have to call Uber, if you need to travel 11 to 15 miles, which is the most a hoverboard work. Also, the balancing movements that you practice on your hoverboard, make up for a good body exercise.


Even when you are buying the best Jetson hoverboards as a gift, you can’t be sure how it is going to be used. Most people become careless when they use it, which is why many towns have restrictions on hoverboards. If the town you want to ride your hoverboard in bans it, and you buy it because of no awareness, then what will be its use?

As brands add more features like Bluetooth technology and LED lights to their product, these products are becoming expensive. Moreover, when children want hoverboards, they want the ones that have LED lights, which can be changed through an app. These LED lights can’t be shut at times, even when the hoverboard is not in use, and this eats the battery.

Lastly, if you are not careful, which most teenagers and children aren’t, then you won’t only hurt yourself, but the people around you as well. This is totally going to ruin the hoverboard experience for you.


Before buying a hoverboard, make sure that the one you are buying doesn’t have any negative reviews. Also, search for the brand’s history to see if they made any hoverboards in the past, which exploded.

Secondly, when you are browsing customer reviews, see what they have to say about the quality of the hoverboard you want to buy. If the quality isn’t good, and the batteries are not durable, then this could be really bad for the buyer.

Read instructions on how to properly operate a hoverboard, or look for videos online. Input the model of your hoverboard, and you will surely find reviews, which will train you how to use a hoverboard.

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